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Ketamine Powder for Sale

Ketamine Powder for Sale, Ketamine is a medication that is used to induce loss of consciousness, or anesthesia. It can produce relaxation and relieve pain in humans and animals.

It is a class III scheduled drug and is approved for use in hospitals and other medical settings as an anesthetic.

However, it is also a commonly abused “recreational” drug, due to its hallucinogenic, tranquilizing and dissociative effects.

ndications • Severe pain unresponsive to other therapies, particularly neuropathic and incident pains • Mucositis (eg from chemo) Contraindications • Ischaemic heart disease • Arrhythmias • Any condition in which raised intracranial or blood pressure would be dangerous

Side effects • Frequent at higher doses, so warn patients beforehand • Tachycardia, raised blood pressure • Visual disturbance and intracerebral hypertension • Psychotomimetic and psychotic symptoms are relatively common but usually controllable • Local irritation at syringe driver site • Potentiation of opioids

Neuropathic pain is a challenging pain disorder that physicians commonly encounter. Stemming from damage to nerves, cancerous invasion or dysregulatory patterns in the peripheral and central nervous system, the treatment of neuropathic pain is unique and difficult [1]. Procedures often fail to relieve the pain encountered in neuropathic conditions, and patients are frequently managed medically. Despite decades of research, the search continues for the ideal medication for the treatment of neuropathic pain.

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